We're not just creating another AI tool - We're creating a revolution in how businesses operate.

Uxtrata is a tech-driven AI and RPA company, starting from big data and AI training in strata title and body corporate management since 2016. 

Building on the advancement made by GPT and deep learning network, Uxtrata developed it’s Business Automation Agent (BAA) and Robotic Intelligent Assistant (RIA) an innovative business automation agent.

Solutions Uxtrata provides

Strata Management Solutions
AI Model Customisations
Big Data Analysis
AI Model Hosting
Uxtrata provides

Strata Management Solutions

Looking to save your accountants a lot of time and effort? Uxtrata specialises in trust accounting management and we utilise double-entry accounting system to do just that. UxCore is a full service solution that can be extended even further using various Uxtrata modules to fully automate your office work.

Businesses across a broad spectrum of industries globally are encountering obstacles while attempting to integrate AI into their operational frameworks

  • Lack of understanding of applications of AI?
  • High implementation costs?
  • Data-related challenges in collecting, organizing, and managing data?
  • Skills and talent gap in AI expertise?
  • Security and privacy concerns?
  • Lack of clear return on investment (ROI)?
  • Integration challenges with existing systems and processes?
  • Industry-specific constraints and requirements?
Uxtrata provides

AI Model Customisations

  • Customise and Fine tune Large Language Models
  • Data Collection, Cleaning and Augmentation
  • Model Architecture Design/Modification
  • Hyper-Parameter Tuning
  • Iterative Optimization
  • Transfer Learning

Uxtrata provides AI model customisation services such as tailoring a pre-existing artificial intelligence model to better suit specific needs or requirements of a particular task, industry, or application. This customisation can involve various techniques and approaches depending on the nature of the AI model and the desired outcomes.

Uxtrata provides

Big Data Analysis

  • Data Collection & Storage
  • Data Cleaning & Preprocessing
  • Feature Engineering
  • Model Training & Evaluation
  • Real-time & Batch Analysis

Uxtrata provides cutting-edge big data analysis and AI-driven insights. Our company specializes in harnessing the power of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to unlock the full potential of your data.

Uxtrata provides

AI Model Hosting

  • Monitoring, Maintenance and Cost Management
  • AI Model Containerisation and Deployment
  • Cloud Scalability and Performance
  • Hardware/Infrastructure Setup
  • Security and Compliance

Uxtrata provides private cloud AI model hosting, more specifically the service of deploying and hosting artificial intelligence (AI) models within a private cloud infrastructure. In this context, a private cloud refers to a dedicated cloud environment that is operated solely for a single organisation, offering greater control, security, and customisation compared to public cloud services.

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