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Looking to save your accountants a lot of time and effort? Uxtrata specialises in trust accounting management and we utilise double-entry accounting system to do just that. UXCore is a full service solution that can be extended even further using various Uxtrata modules to fully automate your office work.

Uxcore strata management product

UXcore enables fast and efficient, automated processing of financial transactions. Automating transactions this way leads to a reduction in costs for staff who would previously be manually processing this data.

UXCore has two parts, UXCoreStrata and UXCoreRental. Both are specifically designed for strata management and rental management professionals in the accounting sector. With our double- entry accounting system, property specialists can process a large array of financial transactions including:

  • Accounts receivable and payable

  • Invoicing

  • Tax

  • Compliance

  • General ledger

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Reporting

  • Budgeting

  • Levy processing

  • Smart reminders

  • Contact management

Strata Management Software Supports

Accounting Management

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Smart Transactions

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Why UXcore is the smartest choice for your real estate business

Simple and fast data entry capabilities

Improved accuracy due to the reduction of human error

Improved collaboration between departments through a centralised database

Reduced operation costs by eliminating the outsourcing of bookkeeping

Simplified tax compliance, strata management compliance and rental management compliance

Improved productivity through a reduced approval process

Better decision-making through the acquisition of timely and insightful financial reports

UxEDMS uses Robotic Process Automation technology to automate the extraction of data from a variety of invoices using optical character recognition. UxEDMS essentially uses AI to scan and process invoices, extracting key information such as vendor details, invoice numbers, dates, amounts and more. These can then be used for various purposes such as accounting, expense tracking and analysis.

UxEDMS uses RPA in a way that a software AI agent mimics human actions to perform repetitive tasks, integrating OCR capabilities allows our agent within UxEDMS to read and interpret invoices much like a human would. Freeing up human resources for more productive tasks.


Key Features

  • Scanning: The RPA robot interacts with the system where invoices are stored or received, either by accessing emails, scanning paper documents, or accessing files from a designated location.

  • OCR Processing: Once the invoices are accessed, the OCR component within the RPA software reads the text and extracts relevant data such as invoice number, date, vendor information, line items, and amounts.

  • Data Validation: The extracted data is then validated against predefined rules or formats to ensure accuracy and consistency.

  • Data Entry or Integration: Finally, the validated data is either entered into the organisation’s accounting or ERP system directly by the RPA robot or passed on to human operators for review and approval.

UxPortal consists of a variety of resident and community services, from Amenities Booking to Online Portals for residents to view personalised accounts regarding strata information, contact details, financial statements and many more. UxPortal also allows administrators to send announcements of any important meeting agendas or events to residents via the portal.

UxPortal is a Body Corporate/Strata Management portal platform designed to facilitate communication and interaction between owners of properties within a strata or body corporate arrangement and the management company responsible for administering the common areas and facilities of the property.

Key Features

  • Access to Information: Owners can access important documents such as meeting minutes, financial reports, bylaws, and rules governing the property.

  • Communication: The portal provides a means for owners to communicate with the management company, ask questions, report issues, and receive updates on maintenance and other matters affecting the property.

  • Financial Management: Owners can view financial statements, budgets, and payment histories, as well as make online payments for strata levies or other fees.

  • Maintenance Requests: Owners can submit maintenance requests or report issues directly through the portal, streamlining the process for addressing maintenance concerns.