Robotic Intelligent Assistant

Transform Your Business with Uxtrata’s AI-Powered Business Automation Agent

We can help you with:

Difficulty in applying digital transformation

Challenges with computing power and AI modelling

Speedy acquisition and application of in-depth knowledge across different industries

Efficient management and utilization of data and knowledge

Enhancement of model capabilities

Uxtrata is a tech-driven AI/RPA company. Start from strata/body corporate management software and focus on big data and AI training since 2016.

Building on the advancements made by GPT-2.0 and GPT-3.5, Uxtrata developed its Business Automation Agent (BAA) RIA (Robotic Intelligent Assistant), an innovative business automation agent.

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Here are business advantages that UxRIA  offers:

Business Intelligence

UxBAA is an innovative business solution that provides a range of features including business intelligence and automation of accounts receivable and payable to streamline financial management processes.

User-Based Privilege

UxBAA's business intelligence feature offers user-based privilege control to provide access to important business data such as financial reports, employment data, and debt collection information, allowing users to make informed decisions while keeping sensitive data secure.

Automated Accounts Payable

In UxBAA's accounts payable automation, RPA technology automates the entire process, reducing errors and missed payments, and saving time. The BI and RPA industry is expected to grow significantly, with Uxtrata's innovative solutions and commitment to customer service giving it a competitive advantage in helping businesses stay ahead of the competition and achieve their financial goals.

Automated Accounts Recievable

UxBAA's accounts receivable automation uses EDMS to streamline invoice receiving and payment allocation, while its digital payment and bank reconciliation features reduce errors and save time.

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize your business! Our cutting-edge AI solutions analyze vast amounts of information, extracting valuable insights and predicting future trends with unparalleled accuracy. Increase operational efficiency, optimize decision-making processes, and drive innovation like never before. With AI as your trusted ally, you’ll gain a competitive edge, save time, and unlock hidden opportunities. Embrace the future of business intelligence and watch your company soar to new heights with AI-powered technologies.

Better customer experience
e.g. Faster and more reliable
Cost reductions
e.g. Reduced people cost involved with paper-based transactions
Record retention
e.g. Secure, cloud-hosted transaction data
Competitive advantage
e.g. The ability to access a global market

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